Hugo Chu

Participating in the UCD Business Alumni Challenge was an incredible experience. I enjoyed engaging in various activities like jogging, running, and swimming to achieve my personal target distance. It was motivating to see fellow participants pushing their limits and staying active throughout the 30 days.

The collective goal of accumulating 100,000 kilometres showcased the power of unity and the global reach of the UCD College of Business network. Together, we achieved this remarkable feat, forging connections and creating lasting memories.

Excited for the UCD Global Challenge 2024 to stay active, connect, and contribute to the 45,000-kilometer goal. Join me and make a difference!

MSc Finance (Hong Kong) '15

Hitesh Singh

The UCD business alumni challenge is a great way to connect with participants by actively getting fit. The global nature of the challenge helps you to not only keep fit but take ownership to make a positive impact on the environment.

I really enjoyed the aspect of uploading photos and was fortunate to win a handy €50 which I donated by winning the photo of the day with my niece.”

MSc Digital Marketing 2014

Aidan Larkin

I thoroughly enjoyed my participation in UCD’s Business Alumni Challenges in recent years, and I am delighted to have contributed to our collective success in overachieving the target by “circumnavigating the globe”, twice, on our first attempt.

Since graduating in 1979, I have had the opportunity to work both domestically and internationally. Viewing the photos shared by UCD Business Alumni Challenge participants from around the world has been particularly enjoyable. They often evoke fond memories of places I've visited and people I've encountered during my travels.

I would strongly encourage fellow alumni to sign up and get on board with this year’s Business Alumni Global Challenge 2024.

BSc in Computer Science ’79, EMBA ’96

Sreelakshmy Koonath

Business Alumni Challenge is a splendid combination of fun, information and collaboration and I have loved being a part of it in the previous years. It is a great way to get back in touch with your classmates across the globe while being out and about putting in the steps and focusing on elements like nutrition and mindfulness. I have particularly enjoyed the information send across as well as the weekly challenges! Also, definite highlight was winning a hamper from Optimum Nutrition for social media participation. I can’t wait to see what this year's challenge has in store!

MBA ‘20


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